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What we bring to you

Health Medicare Benefits Package

We Protect the retired Americans, individuals, employers, and families with health, medicare, and benefits packages. insurance by representing more than 20 top-rated health insurance carriers.

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Life Insurance Made Easy

We strive to educate all ages with life insurance strategies applicable to individual situations to protect our client’s loved ones. We strive for Life Insurance Made Easy.

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Annuity and Financial Planning

Annuity and Financial Planning and Retirement Planning and Estate Planning are at times things we do not want to talk about, things we may think we are taken care of or just do not wish to accept.

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Property and Casualty Insurance

Protect the business and personal assets owned due to unforeseen risks in a chaotic world. Property and Casualty Insurance is very important for everyone to have.

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Business Insurance and Services

We protect your business’s interest with a policy that shields against the many existing risks that could damage your livelihood.

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Financial Literacy Course

The market is constantly changing. The many factors that trigger poor consumer decisions under false duress are what we educate our prospective clients to prevent in the future to secure a strong financial future.

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    Full-service Insurance Brokerage Firm

    Full-service Insurance Brokerage Firm

    Ken’s Insurance Agency, LLC is a full-service Insurance Brokerage Firm that was started in Hernando, Mississippi, and has grown to cover and help people and businesses in all 50 states, the providence of Washington D.C., the providences and territories of Canada and the United Kingdom.

    A Little About Us

    As a Full-service Insurance Brokerage Firm, we represent tons of companies to help you find the best price and to be able to expand our nitch market to be anyone and almost any company. That is right we help individuals, families, seniors, and companies. Also, you should know right now the only industries we do not help are Mining and Governmental. But this does not mean that if you want to seek our help outside your job that you cant because we will be glad to help you. Also, companies in these two nitch fields we do not service. We are working to get to where we can help schools and school districts so that is coming soon.

    Our Other Companies

    Also, we have two other great companies that we own that have great services too, like our consulting firm which provides for you no risk consulting for yourself and your family. Personal consulting includes financial consulting, opportunity consulting, health and wellness consulting, and investing consulting. Our business consulting side  Includes website design and hosting along with other great things, advertising, phone system, business loans, Tax Planning, energy consumption savings, Merchant accounts, payroll, HR, and Hiring, and more. We can save you money and time and speed up your daily goals.

    Through our real estate investment firm you can learn how to invest in real estate and this is not a single-minded way of teaching. We teach you everything you need to know and how to find so you can be successful. But we are also soon going to have homes and commercial and industrial spots both for sale and for rent/lease. If you need a place to live or want to learn more contact us and if we do not have what you are looking for we can find someone within our organization that does.

    Contact Us

    Feel free to contact us on our connection page to learn more. The Consulting is for the most part the United States-based only although some services can be provided all over the world. The Real Estate and Investment pieces of training are offered across the United States and all the world. Test us on our philosophy of solving problems and being your friend as this is something that most have not caught on to and is one thing that sets us apart. The other thing that sets us apart is that we can handle all types of insurance. Feel free to contact us between 8 am and Midnight cst US time for sales and we offer 24/7 customer service.

    Our owner wants to leave you with a little bit of knowledge about him too. His name is Ken Sigler and he has several Information Technology degrees along with his masters in accounting.

    His Education

    He is currently working on his Doctoral degree in Business Administration. And he is also planning to use his thesis and other papers to make things better in all industries. When he gets things ready he will be adding another site that you can see his papers. And what he thinks will make the workplace better and make things better in many different industries.

    His Passions

    Ken also loves to teach and to help people and that is why he has started the companies like this one he has. In insurance, he is helping people to protect themselves, their family, their assets, and their businesses. And he believes the best way to do this is to build relationships and solve problems. Also, to do so without being a pushy salesperson or narrowminded. But through education and knowledge. He also teaches at a local university.