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Financial literacy educator
The Financial Literacy educator can earn 30% on all financial literacy courses they teach as is paid. Anyone in this position must also be a subscribing member of the course for as long as they hold the position. If a Life and or annuity licenses are held, then during the implementation process, whether through our agency or another can use this for implementation, same with the securities, any MLM/Network Marketing ties outside of Ken’s Insurance Agency, Ken’s Marketing & Consulting Firm, and Ken’s Real Estate Investing Firm would need to be approved before they can be used in the implementation stage of this course. If an educator also wishes to be a referrer and get licensed and join the opportunities we have, this is possible and allows for the maximization of income.

Financial literacy referrer
The financial literacy course referrer schedules appointments and finds people for the financial literacy course. For each person who schedules and pays successfully and attends at least the first meeting, the referrer earns 10% every time the subscription is paid for life. This is stackable with the educator option to provide if someone uses both of these to earn a total of at least 40% on each course referred and taught for as long as it remains on the books.

For our Agent’s position, we offer unique and competitive pay along with many other benefits. If you are not licensed, this is not an issue, as we can help you become licensed. There are also unique bonuses and ways to advance in the company’s compensation plan and earnings.