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Is an elimination diet like WHOLE30 right for you?

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Is an elimination diet like Whole30 right for you?

The popularity of elimination diets like Whole30 isn't because it helps you shed weight; it's more about learning how your body reacts to certain kinds of food. Before you jump in wholeheartedly, read on to better understand what this kind of process entails.

The Elimination Diet Explained
Elimination diets, including the Whole30 program, focus on eating real, unprocessed items, like vegetables, fruit, eggs, meat and seafood. Allergy-causing ingredients (think nuts, wheat, soy, dairy and sugar) are avoided for a predetermined period. Once they're all out of your system, the goal is to reintroduce them one by one to identify how they interact with your body.


  • Consistently eating meals of nutrient-rich foods can have physical, psychological and social benefits, from increased attention span and energy levels to reduced chronic pain and healthier skin.

  • Pinpointing your body's response to certain foods allows you to make informed decisions moving forward.

  • Not only do elimination diets make you more aware of what you're putting in your body, but they can also help you modify unhealthy eating habits.

  • Because meal prep is a priority, many improve their cooking skills and try new flavors.


  • If it's not balanced, an elimination diet can lead to nutritional deficiencies. To ensure you're practicing the plan in a healthy way, work with your doctor before you start removing items.

  • Avoiding particular foods can be difficult to sustain over an extended period.

  • The recently released U.S. News and World Report's Best Diets list ranked the Whole30 program last (No. 38) for Best Diets Overall.

Elimination diets may not work for everyone, but they could be beneficial for those wondering if they have a food intolerance. Work with your doctor or dietician before embarking on this kind of lifestyle change.

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