There are a couple of business opportunities we have and an insurance position is a business opportunity in itself. We have legit business opportunities on this page. These opportunities are great way to work at least at first part time and build up to full time and build residual income that will help you to provide for your family and even have a retirement income that can be substantial.
Financial Planning

We have a financial planning option that helps you to pay your debts off in a fraction of the time saving on the interest and doing so Legally. We have helped people with 30-year mortgages pay off in 11-15 years, people with student loan debts that would take 25+ years being paid off in 5-8 years. We do this without changing your lifestyle and payments. The process we use is the same process that banks use to get ahead.

Watch for clarification;

Opportunity: https://www.uffopportunity.com/kensinsura39
Client: https://www.moneymaxaccount.com/kensinsura39
Client (Videos): https://www.moneymaxaccount.com/kensinsura39/Videos

Prepaid Legal and Identity Theft Protection

Prepaid Legal with many legal benefits that are included in the membership, and discounts on the services that are not included in the membership fee. Then there is is our identity theft membership which has $5,000,000 protection, backed by a big well known company that has only Partnered with us and is Kroll Industries. All the fortune and the US Government and other companies use Kroll for their background checks and for other services. These products cover you and your family and can cover a business and Commercial drivers. You can get trained to sell these. Also, by being a member and an associate you can save money on things and services you normally buy.

(22:24) PBO: Private Business Overview :


(11:44) LegalShield / IDShield Membership Overview by Don Thompson

(1:23) LegalShield Plan Overview (Network):


(4:51) Tap Into The New Economy:


(1:18) IDShield Product Overview (Network):


(2:07) Will Commercial:

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Financial Package Agent

The Financial Package includes credit repair and monitoring and many other great services for all included for one low monthly rate. The cost for the membership is a one time $99 and a monthly $89. If you want to become an agent contact me and I will get you set up for a one time $199 and your monthly membership fees. If interested in becoming an agent call us or go to our opportunity recruiting site.

Financial Package Part Two

Financial Package Part Three

Advertising option with GEOTracking

The ability to GEOTarget an ad for your business and the ability to make money also. There is the ability to also make money offering this as well.

Advertising with GEOTracking Information

Advertising with GEOTracking Cart

Roadside Assistance

One of our Roadside Assistance Companies allows us to recruit and is a great way to make money.

Roadside Assistance Quotes

Roadside Assistance Detailed Information

Roadside Assistance and Truck Driver Assistance Quote

Roadside Assistance and Truck Driver Assistance Detailed Information

Roadside Assistance for Truck Driver Detailed Information

Savings Plan

Savings on things you already buy and no auto-ships or special ordering instructions and earn money back and can market this also. Also, only two packages a 2-year that and a Lifetime. You can finance or pay one lump-sum and have no further payments. Company is 20 years old that we offer this through. Also, the things you purchase are from the same places you already would purchase them. Use the contact form below or give us a call for more information.
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