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Legal Expense and Identity Theft Protection Insurance

Legal Insurance can be very important. Some companies out there charge $50+/month for this and are nothing but a referral service, giving you a list of lawyers to call and talk to, and you have to pay their fee too. With our service, you pay as little as $24.95/month, and this covers you and your family, and our law firms for most items will not charge you for the service. You may be saying, why do I need Legal Insurance, I do not break the law? Let me ask you back, Have you ever signed a contract? Had a dispute with a neighbor, landlord, or someone else? Ever wondered what your legal rights were in a situation—gotten a traffic ticket? Do you have your Will and estate planning complete? Our law firms can complete all of these and more at no extra cost to you. Watch the video to explain more.

Kroll Industries back our Identity theft service. Kroll exclusively partners with us on this. In case you have not heard of Kroll, They are a risk analysis company. This means that they do background checks for companies of all levels; the US Government even used them to find Gold that Saddam stole that no one else could find, and Kroll Succeeded. Not only do we fully monitor your and your family’s identity, but if your Identity is stolen, then you have an app on your phone that will put you in touch with a Kroll Investigator that is trained and will not come off your case till your Identity is restored to what it was before the theft.

Click Here for the Legal Insurance and Identity Theft Restoration and Recovery Link

We also have three small Business plans that are great for business owners to have, starting at $49/month and going up, and commercial driving plans starting at $32.95/month with a one-time enrollment fee of $25 and an Idshield membership for businesses starting at $79.95/month. Check these out in the video, and yes, you can always buy up coverage to have better protection. Watch the video below and click the link above to get the coverage you want and need for you, your family, and your business.

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PBO: Private Business Overview Video

Real Estate Agent Presentation Video – Brian Carruthers

Commercial Drivers Legal Plan (CDLP) Video

Small Business Video

IDShield for Small Business Video