In a benefits package it is important for the company to have various life policies to offer. One that a company may purchase on all employees or let the employees choose to purchase a term or permanent life policy. If the employees have the premiums deducted from their check then the rule is at least 70 % must enroll, if the employer pays the premium then 100% are required to enroll. The permanent life policies that can be offered through a benefits package are Whole Life, Universal Life, Indexed Universal Life, and Guaranteed Universal Life. These policies can at times be taken with the employee when he or she leaves the company or can terminate if they leave the company.

The final type of Life Insurance policy which some may not realize that can be offered with a company is the retirement package. This can be a 401k, Simple, IRA, or a deferred annuity. We at Ken’s insurance have knowledge on each of these and can help you with understanding the pluses and minuses of each one and how to structure them and why to offer one and not the other.

Life Insurance Policies

Key Employee Life Policy
A group term policy placed on one or more employees that helps cover the company for the losses incurred while that employee is not working.
Whole Life Policy
A permanent Life policy that can range from $3,000 up.
Universal Life Policy
These are great retirement vehicles. The money you put in is after tax dollars, because of them being life policies as long as your beneficiary collects the death benefit or you take a loan, then you do not get taxed.
Annuities are structured according to how you pay in, which can be a large lump sum of $100,000 or more, to making monthly payments, to also how they are invested aka an Indexed which gives you all the ups of the stock market but none of the downs if structured right.
Ken's Insurance Agency specializes in all types of insurance!

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