Life Insurance Policies are hard to understand, yet can be vital to your families ability to survive without you.  They can also play a huge role in your retirement plans and the quality of life you have when reaching your senior years.  With a Life Insurance Policy you have the reassurance of having a more financially stable life in your retirement years.  You also have the benefit of knowing that in the event something happens to you, your family will be able to continue on in the way that you would want them to.



Let's sit down and determine what your Life Insurance needs are.  


Lets put together a strategy that will tailor your Life Insurance needs to fit you.


Enjoy the benefits of having an Insurance policy that is exactly what you need, in your price range.

We have a financial planning option that helps you to pay your debts off in a fraction of the time saving on the interest and doing so Legally. We have helped people with 30-year mortgages pay off in 11-15 years, people with student loan debts that would take 25+ years being paid off in 5-8 years. We do this without changing your lifestyle and payments. The process we use is the same process that banks use to get ahead.

Life Insurance Policies

Key Employee Life Policy
A group term policy placed on one or more employees that helps cover the company for the losses incurred while that employee is not working.
Whole Life Policy
A permanent Life policy that can range from $3,000 up.
Universal Life Policy
These are great retirement vehicles. The money you put in is after tax dollars, because of them being life policies as long as your beneficiary collects the death benefit or you take a loan, then you do not get taxed.
Annuities are structured according to how you pay in, which can be a large lump sum of $100,000 or more, to making monthly payments, to also how they are invested aka an Indexed which gives you all the ups of the stock market but none of the downs if structured right.
Ken's Insurance Agency specializes in all types of insurance!
Other Insurance Policies
Term Life Policy
Final Expense Policy
Mortgage Insurance
Credit Insurance

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