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Prepaid Legal for your Business

I am Ken, with Ken’s Insurance Agency. I just wanted to drop a quick email and outline many of the ways I can help you. On all the following items we offer free policies reviews, free quotes, and free consultations.

Prepaid Legal

A great way to protect your company, for as little as $39-$130 a month you can have an entire Law firm on your side. There are many free items we include in this like free collection letters and calls, free unlimited calls about any legal matter, free review of documents up to 15 pages, free letters and calls for legal matters and much more. For the items that are not free you get them discounted off the provider’s firm normal rate by 25%. We can also cover your commercial drivers also.

This can provide your company with much protection. Also, if you insure your drivers you are protecting them and your company if they get pulled over or if they are in an accident. I am going to include some videos to explain how this can be of help to you.

The Five Documents Every Entrepreneur Needs: https://ls-info.com/d/2WxjBb

Basic CDLP Brochure: https://ls-info.com/d/4fNH6p

Top 15 Areas of Law: https://ls-info.com/d/QfdrZn

(2:30) $75 only Small Business Plan: https://ls-info.com/d/TxXn9C

CDLP Member Quick Start Guide: https://ls-info.com/d/qtrYSF

Small Biz 10/50/100 Canada: https://ls-info.com/d/c4ta17

(8:35) Canada Small Business: https://ls-info.com/d/nqs66v

Small Biz Plan 10, 50, 100: https://ls-info.com/d/f8qNQn

CDLP Plan: https://ls-info.com/d/J3NMtr

Legal Needs Of Small Businesses: https://ls-info.com/d/w9JWdK

MemberPerks Website: https://ls-info.com/d/jnMYjd

GoSmallBiz Supplement : https://ls-info.com/d/K6QZW7

(15:00) Darnell Self Membership Presentation: https://ls-info.com/d/5P8Tn8

Small Business Owners - Testimonials: https://ls-info.com/d/zacb84

Five Legal Mistakes That Could Kill A Small Business: https://ls-info.com/d/h8W7BL

(3:42) Commercial Drivers Legal Plan (CDLP): https://ls-info.com/d/8X5x7W

(4:00) Disruptive Business Trends: https://ls-info.com/d/rtB4wv

101 Reasons for Small Business: https://ls-info.com/d/BXrSvG

Canada Small Business Fact Sheet: https://ls-info.com/d/HTK6xv

(2:31) Hawaii Small Business Plan - 49, 109, 179: https://ls-info.com/d/MgTQTH

2017 Business Solutions Incentives: https://ls-info.com/d/8cDvvM

CDLP Prospecting Flier: https://ls-info.com/d/P8zkc4

(2:53) Testimonials from a business owner - S. Choppin: https://ls-info.com/d/Zrmbzc

Small Business Plan Recommender (PDF): https://ls-info.com/d/PqJ6vw

Briefing for Entrepreneurs: https://ls-info.com/d/aJ8hbB

Super CDLP Brochure: https://ls-info.com/d/b4JMnX

(2:32) 10, 50, 100 Small Biz Plans : https://ls-info.com/d/V7Vt1T

(Audio) How to Use LegalShield Membership: New Members: https://ls-info.com/d/wmR4kW

Please review these in your spare time and as you have questions you can call me and I will get them answered by a knowledgeable and profitable person above me in my organization. In the near future we also hope to be able to help you with your Business Owners Liability, General Liability, Commercial Auto, and Workers Compensation. I look forward to talking to you and can be reached Sunday through Saturday 10AM to 10PM at 6629123914.

Ken Sigler



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