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Estate Planning

Estate Planning is essential and involves much. The first part of estate planning is working with a law firm to get your will and other final documents completed. We can help with this and will provide some information here on this. The next thing has a final expense policy in place to cover your funeral and burial for whatever type of final resting place you wish. The next is taking care of all the final estate expenses, from the lawyer’s cost for reading the will to any IRS and other taxes that would be owed. The plus to life insurance is that it goes straight to the beneficiary and does not get calculated into the estate worth unless set up wrong. Be sure to get with us and check out all the different options and reasons to go through with this.

When it comes to our will service, we go through our legal insurance, which gives you a will and allows you to update the will every year at no extra cost. This is just one of the benefits of this service. The cost of this insurance is $24.95/month and covers you and your family. The plus is it all can be taken care of from an App.

We generally couple Estate Planning and Life Insurance and Retirement Planning all into one deal, and this allows us to help and assist you the best way possible. All of our Life Insurance Policies include Living Benefits at no extra charge unless we state otherwise.