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Financial Literacy Course

Our financial literacy course is unique. It cost $400/month or $950/quarter, or $3500/year payable to PayPal as this is a secure payment option. It is worth far more than we are asking as you get the books at no extra charge. The payment is non-refundable after the books have shipped. There are ten eBooks and one paperback book. We ship the paperback book by FedEx, and because of this, we cannot ship to PO Boxes. We will also discuss the order to read the books.

You also get up to an hour each day blocked out with me to meet virtually where we discuss what you have read so far and how you wish to implement anything you learned. At the end of the course, you will go through a Financial Needs Analysis and see the plan to implement things you learned. If you complete the financial needs analysis and do not wish to implement the plan now or in the foreseeable future, then no worries, and you qualify for the benefit, we mention below, and if you do implement, the below is available also.

Click below to purchase the course thru PayPal, schedule your first meeting and get the books.