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Financial Planning

Financial Planning is evolved in many ways, just like retirement planning and estate planning. Financial planning was divided into three main but separate groups: Life agents, Banks, and Securities. Each had its own ideal clients and own ideal marketing methods. In the 1990s, there started a shift that truly started back in the 1970s where these separate groups started to merging, banks buying out insurance and security brokerage firms, and the mixture also spread from many different ways within these groups. This mixture opened for each group a more extensive client base and an established method within each base. The other oversized item to emerge from this was creating indexed and variable life products and new retirement options such as 401ks, Simples, IRAs, and other investment items.

Ken’s insurance agency has the ability in some way to offer all this and the fixed offerings and provides living benefits in the life insurance and annuities they offer so that you do not have to die to get access to the money. We also have tax knowledge and more on these items and knowledge of all the solutions for employees and businesses in most industries. The value we provide is tremendous, and the knowledge we bring to the table is unique. Our product line is also unique along with all the carrier options, as this allows us to best provide for your needs. We also have underwriters on our team that help us make sure that any recommendation is correct and would if provided the right information to be approved at the rate stated.