Financial Literacy is very Important

Financial Literacy is essential because it is what can set us up to be successful. Are you working a job? Can’t get ahead? And wondering why? It is because the schools do not teach financial Literacy anymore.

What is Financial Literacy

Also, Financial Literacy is more than being able to balance a checkbook. It is how to build wealth! How to prepare for the future! Also, how to prepare for a volatile market! And so much more. It teaches you how to invest! And how to educate yourself! Also, how to surround yourself with those in certain fields who are smarter than you! Even how to view a job and how to use one properly.

Don’t they teach this in schools?

Financial Literacy Course should be taught in school from about the 7th grade on but is not even an elective. They teach in school as a required class, the one thing anyone can figure out, Sex Ed! But the one thing no one can figure out is not even offered as an elective.

Can’t I go to a seminar?

Also, most teaching a financial literacy course at a conference is one-sided. Focusing on one point of view and cost a lot and is only a couple of days long. Our curriculum is meant to be taken at your time and is more well rounded.

Our process

Step 1: Receive and Evaluate
Step 2: Analysis and Planning
Step 3: Make plans and Implement

What you got ?

When you sign up with us, you get a specialized agent that can help you with all your Financial Literacy Course needs. A specialist that is thoroughly trained, and knows all the options, our software, and how to satisfy your needs. Also, the cost of our course which right now can be paid by PayPal. The Price in the new year will be $3500/year with some addons coming soon.  There is a strict no return policy. As soon as we are notified of successful payment we start the shipment of your materials that we agree to provide, which are books.

How We Ship

Most of the books are shipped to the email address used to pay or to schedule the appointment. But there is one that has to be shipped and we only ship through UPS or FedEx. So we cannot accept P.O.Boxes. Also, as part of this course, we will be meeting with you regularly. And in the end, we will start to implement some strategies that you learned in the course. How many different strategies we implement will vary from person to person. For a few of the strategies, we might implement you can check our life and our annuity the forwarding to our Real Estate firm and Marketing and Consulting firm.

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