Our Health Plans

Health, Medicare, Benefits Package Insurance is very important for everyone and now it is also a law to have. We have health plans for the Under 65 market, businesses, retirees, and the disabled.

Everyone’s situation and needs when it comes to health plans are unique, and we are here to meet those needs. We have specialized tools to meet the growing needs of each of your specific requirements.

The Under 65 market has new needs and can be grouped into individual and group coverages. With Individual, we can meet with you whether there is a family of one or more than one. We are trained on the Obamacare/ACA/Affordable Care Act plans and the strategies that are not in this group. Whether it be short term or the alternatives.

Group Plans

When it comes to group plans, there are two concerns first the right plan for everyone, and our questions and planning will help with this, and our shop plans and group plans are specially designed to meet your need.

We also for groups integrate more than just the Under 65 health to help you save money, improve morale and productivity, decreased missed days, decrease an employee coming to you for money, and more. For the disabled and retirees, especially retirees, are wanting to stay in the workforce, we can help with Medicare and Group Medicare.


For Retirees and the disabled that qualify we have Medicare which will help to take care of their medical expenses. Medicare can be a Medicare supplement and a Prescription drug plan or a MA or an MAPD plan. In some states, you may also have a Medicare select plan to choose from.

Also, for the disabled that do not qualify for medicare, we may still be able to help as we can help them to apply for Medicaid or for an ACA plan depending on which they may qualify for.

What you got ?

When you sign up with us, you get the specialized agent that can help you with all your Health, Medicare, Benefits Package Insurance needs. A specialist that is thoroughly trained and knows all the options, our software, and how to satisfy your needs best. You also get a policy that meets your needs or a package of policies that meet your needs.

A great reason to do Business with Us

Another plus in doing business with us is if you get quotes you will get a vacation voucher within 48 hours after completing this. But if you also chose to implement any part of what we present then you will get the voucher and it will be upgraded. And every year on the renewal of any policies on the books as long as they remain on the books you will get another voucher.

How it works

These vouchers are not to give you a 100% free vacation there will be some cost. But the cost will be significantly less than it would be if you booked the same trip through another source. Also, for total clarity, we make no money on the voucher that is a gift to you. And the only service we have that you cannot get the voucher for is Medicare because of the laws for what we can give in this field.

The 48 hours begin when it comes to the voucher once a decision has been made about purchasing our suggestions in part or in full as the purchase being completed gets you the upgrade. If you do not purchase then you will get the voucher for no purchase. Also, be aware these vouchers have no timeshare or other presentation requirements.

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